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Vi ønsker deg velkommen til kanskje verdens beste simulatorer opplevelse. Vi har 7 Aboutgolf simulatorer med siste teknologi og helt nye prosjektorer (5000 LM). Vi har et flott TV-rom hvor du kan sette deg å få en kaffekopp etter du har spilt. Custom Golfsenteret har også eget rom med møtebord etc. For booking ring 2322 6565 eller trykk under for netbooking:



Hverdager før kl.16.00 – kr.300,- per time. Klippekort 10 klipp kr. 2.500,- (kr. 250,- pr time).
Hverdager etter kl.16.00 – kr. 400,- per time. Lørdag og søndag, helligdager – kr. 400,- per time.
Klippekort kveld/helg 10 klipp kr. 3.500,- (350,- pr time).
Hverdager pensjonist (67 år) fra kl 10.00 – 16.00 – kr.225,- per time.
1. time drivingrange på hverdager før kl. 16.00 kr. 200,- kan ikke forhånsbestilles.
Utleiesett kr.150,-
Kølletest kr. 750,- for 1 time og kr. 500,- av dette refunderes ved kjøp av køller hos oss. Gjelder ikke tilbudsvarer.

Ring for bestilling på tlf: 23226565

Golfspy testet golfsimulatorer: «The goal is to drive the technology away from the video game mindset and deliver it as a off-season golfing alternative, and legitimate teaching and fitting tool that can rival Trackman, then for now, aboutGolf is clearly the leader».

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Only the PGA TOUR Simulator’s Immersive Play Technology™ (IPT) considers accuracy from every possible angle. Accuracy exists at levels far beyond ball and club data. Without accuracy on these many planes, the level of play satisfaction is decreased and the round is less realistic and enjoyable. Whether you are playing to improve or to have fun, you still want it to play like golf.

Immersive Play Technology™ is the suite of proprietary 3D graphics and physics algorithms designed to fully engage players in their rounds. All the benefits of Immersive Play Technology are not immediately apparent, but together, the elements provide a level of play satisfaction and overall experience that can only be achieved on the PGA TOUR Simulator.

aboutGolf’s engineers have spent years perfecting the complex mathematics and physics of the golf ball in flight and subsequent collisions, going to the root of what makes a golf ball fly: lift and drag coefficients; spin decay; the effects of wind currents on lift; and all of the details relating to accurate collision physics with respect to terrain and 3D objects.

This is signifincantly more involved than implementing a realistic ball flight and applying simplistic formulas for effects of spin and wind and determing a set of pre-staged effects for collisions.

Consider the following elements of the golf game and how their accuracy of replication can impact your ability to improve or your level of enjoyment.

Ball Flight

Only the PGA TOUR Simulator applies true ball trajectory physics in replicating each shot.

Bounce and Roll

Terrain is modeled with resolution less than a few inches. Combined with true physics, this produces true bounce and roll.

Reactions to Objects

Only the PGA TOUR Simulator applies true collision physics for everything you see, including trees, bushes, grasses and rocks.

Reaction to Wind

Precise algorithms take into account the lift and drag coefficients of the ball in flight, as it collides with the wind. The result? Shots balloon into the wind, get knocked down by the wind and are realistically affected by crosswinds.

Course Replication

Most courses are modeled in all three dimensions, accurate to less than 2.5 inches. So when you’ve played Pebble Beach in the PGA TOUR Simulator, you’ve actually played Pebble Beach.

Ambient Movement

The powerful 3D graphics engine provides accruate ambient movment of every element of scenery — clouds, water, trees, bushes and tall grass.


The accurate 3D-modeled terrain results in a huge payoff for all types of lies, including how sloped lies affect ball flight.


The PGA TOUR Simulator has infinite and precise views from infinite camera angles, meaning your ball always ends up where you hit it.


Every view, every lie, every tree and every part of the course is fully 3D rendered at definition resolutions as high as any display hardware can produce. So feel free to hit from tee to green and then back again.


Every type of shot — drive, full shot, pitch, chip, bump and run and putt of any length — is possible and precisely accurate on the PGA TOUR Simulator.